Should You Use a Travel Agent?

One of the first decisions you face when planning your honeymoon is whether to use the services of a travel agent. A do-it-yourself approach may sound alluring and adventurous, especially if you have a preconceived notion of your honeymoon. However, going it alone may pan out more adventures than you signed up for!

Think how you’d handle these situations:

1. Five days before the wedding, you get a call. The owner of that adorable Niagara Falls Bed & Breakfast you booked sadly informs you their building has suffered a fire, and will be closed indefinitely. You have already booked the air and car rental, and you know its high season with no chance of any space at the other inns. Meanwhile, the best man has canceled on the wedding, and the caterer keeps messing up the menu.

2. On your own you book a cruise. You get the cheapest air tickets online, and decide to forgo any travel insurance. Once you get to Miami, you discover your suitcase is lost by the airlines, and you’ve only got your carry on, your wool pantsuit, and a winter trench coat. The cruise itinerary lets you know you won’t be near a Mall for 5 days. Ship is about to leave in 90 minutes. What do you do?

3. You’ve been planning for a year your perfect honeymoon – an independent driving tour of Australia. At the airport you hear over the intercom that a typhoon has delayed many flights, and your flight in particular will depart 12 hours later, delaying the start of your trip in Sydney. You panic at the airport – what will happen to your car rental if you don’t show up, your Outback Experience deluxe tour, and all your hotel reservations?

In any of these instances, the services of a travel agent would prove invaluable. And, despite what you may think, your travel agent will probably save you money compared to what you could book on your own. And, if this is the first big trip you’ve ever planned, you really need a travel agent – things go wrong, airlines change schedules, natural disasters get in the way, you name it.

Finally, keep your mind open to suggestions your travel agent may have. You might be dreaming of hiking glaciers by day, and something romantic and toasty at night, but your travel agent can help you to compare the merits of New Zealand, Canadian Rockies, Swiss Alps, and Alaskan cruises, so you can put your dreams into action.